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Agrofeed pig health program

Extensive free-of-charge veterinary consultancy to help identify the causes of animal health problems.

Your results, complemented with our expertise

Agrofeed’s pig health program

The following are indispensable for production of the efficiency and effectiveness appropriate for the genetic capabilities of pig populations:

  • establishing and managing an effectively functioning background in animal health
  • regular animal health checks at the farm, systematic collection of data on diseases, and creation of a production monitoring system
  • biosecurity activity (a guarantee for producing healthy populations of offspring),
  • as comprehensive an analysis as possible of complete farm management processes (technology, feeding genetics, workforce etc.)
  • farm assessments and evaluations, supplementary laboratory tests at abattoirs

Agrofeed Kft’s animal health monitoring system comprises both on-farm and off-farm diagnostic possibilities; it is by using and interpreting them together that we can make proposals for higher production effectiveness.