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Reproductive biology and animal health service provision

With the assistance of our veterinary colleague, we offer complete reproductive biology and animal health service packages for our key partners. Our veterinary colleague is a member of our team of professionals, continuously providing information for our feed consultant colleague, allowing us to swiftly respond to various animal health issues. Continuous consultancy is also provided concerning successful reproduction.

Our aim is to prevent – or detect, as early as possible – any animal health issues to which we can quickly respond. As regards reproductive biology, we operate a protocol, adapted to a given farm, optimising the timing of cows’ and heifers’ impregnation. One of our key advantages over other feed manufacturers also employing independent reproductive biologists is that we recognise problems and exchange information directly, without any delay whatsoever. The farm’s management is also involved in this type of cooperation among team members, maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of cooperation within an extended Team. This shared effort is managed in detail in the context of our TMR+ program, and its effectiveness is reflected by our partners’ steadily improving animal health and reproductive biological ratios.

Your results, complemented with our expertise

Agrofeed’s reproductive biological and animal health services

Ultrasonic early pregnancy checks and ovary diagnostics

Identification of metabolism-related issues and making proposals for resolving them

Individually adapted hormone programme based on ovary examination

Development of dry-off protocols

Protocols for preventing lameness and complications stemming from the animals’ foot problems