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Our activities

  • Participate at the European Aquaculture Society annual conferences
  • Participation in the following national aquaculture forums: the Gödöllő Fishery and Angling Experts Meeting, the Kaposvár Animal Husbandry Days, the Fisheries Science Meeting (organised by MATE – Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences)
  • Support for Ph.D. research topics
  • Organisation of partner meetings and workshops in our export partner countries (Russia workshop 2022, 2023)

Workshop 2022

Our workshop in Russia in 2022 was held in the context of trout feeding at the company’s premix plant near Yasnogorsk. After the presentations at the two-day workshop, our partners took part in plant and laboratory visits. The lectures covered the importance of feeding, the physiological role of individual feed ingredients, the development potential of premixes and ready-made feeds, and also touched on world market trends. In the framework of the Agrofeed-MATE collaboration, our guests also gained an insight into the possibilities inherent in scientific research and their practical applications. The informal discussions created a pleasant environment for special topics and questions, expanding the opportunities for cooperation.

Workshop 2023

We organized our partner meeting to be ordered in 2023 in beautiful surroundings in Antalya, Turkey, expanding our professional program to several days. At our event, trout as a fish species was the central topic, which was discussed by our invited speakers, Dr. Béla Urbányi, Dr. Ákos Horváth and Dr. Márton Hoitsy, about its role in the world market, its genetic possibilities and its practical applications, and the direction of bacterial diseases within animal health issues. In the field of feeding, we delved into the world of enzymes and microelements and held a presentation on the role of their quality, as well as the positive effects of using feed additives, in cooperation with our Russian partner company, Symbio. On the second day of the meeting, we organized a visit to the trout farm for our partners, where they had the opportunity to see the operation of the farm in full. Our Turkish hosts willingly answered the questions of our Russian partners, and extremely exciting professional discussions took place about the various practical uses of the area’s features. We plan to continue the high-quality event according to the needs of our partners.