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Agrofeed TMR+ program

The experts of Agrofeed Kft’s Cattle division have recognised that a wide variety of farm work processes need to be taken into account for efficient feeding.

The factors affecting the efficiency of cattle farm production are closely interrelated. This sector has also undergone marked development during recent decades; a considerable body of knowledge and experience has accumulated, and specialisation has become a must for professionals. Experts of various fields and the farm’s technical/professional managers must form a single work team engaging in regular communication and the exchange of opinions, if the farm is to be operated efficiently and effectively.

Agrofeed Kft. realised that it was time to provide efficient solutions through the TMR+ Programme for the wide variety of challenges facing farms.

Your results, complemented with our expertise

Agrofeed’s TMR+ Program

With our complex service package, we aim to improve the efficiency of farms by offering solutions and working together, in Feeding and Management, as well as Reproduction.