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Agrofeed poultry feeding program

Comprehensive feeding consultancy, premix recommendations and feed recipe preparation, joint technical work on the development of recipes and presentation of novelties.

We offer a feeding programme tailored for corporate poultry farm needs, for our existing and future partners.

We recommend premixed products (panel, premix, concentrate) which the feed mixing plant can properly integrate in the feeds, and which will be suitable for fully meeting the population’s nutrient requirements.

This requires an understanding of the technical capabilities and condition of the feed mix plant concerned.

Your results, complemented with our expertise

Agrofeed’s poultry feeding program

Cooperation and proposing solutions for cooperatively resolving problems as they occur.

Keeping and feeding conditions.

Temperature and ventilation conditions.

Air quality checks.

Illumination and light intensity.

Drinking water and feed quality.


When developing premix recipes, Agrofeed Kft. factors in the conditions/facilities etc. available at the farms of its existing and future partners, including the poultry species and hybrids they keep, as well as the characteristics of their feed mixing facilities.

Our professional team takes into account our partners’ access to raw materials, working out the optimum mixing proportion  accordingly.

Our consultants monitor the development of livestock populations, providing continuous consultancy to assist our partners.

The aim is to achieve the best possible results.

Standard premix

  • Concentrated premixes with high nutrient content. They contain the necessary micronutrients, vitamins, enzymes and feed supplements.

Complete premix

  • Premixes of higher mixing ratios, containing the necessary micronutrients, vitamins, macronutrients, amino-acids, enzymes and feed supplements.

  • The premixes contain amino-acids in ratios that are ideal for the animals.

  • The recommendations of the companies distributing hybrids are also taken into account when optimising the compositions of our products.

  • On request, the premixes may contain various feed supplements (enzymes, toxin-binders, colouring agents etc.), as well as veterinary medicinal products (e.g. coccidiostatics).


Our concentrates contain the following, as required for the animals:

  • Vitamins

  • Micronutrients

  • Macronutrients

  • Protein-containing raw materials for feed.

On request, the premixes may contain various feed supplements, as well as veterinary medicinal products.

Feed mix

For our partners who do not have mixing capacity, we offer ready-made feeds. These are tailored to the target production levels, which we aim to accomplish in a cost effective way.

Feed supplements

The VivaLine product group comprises the following products for poultry:

  • Liquid acid mixes, drinking water treatment “acidification”.

  • Free acid mixes for sanitising feed.

  • Protected butyrate, a source of butyric acid.

  • Protected essential oils and organic acids, gut flora regulation.

  • Toxin-binders, safe feeding.

In addition to the VivaLine product group, we also market other feed supplements, e.g. enzymes, synthetic amino-acids, emulsifiers, antioxidants etc..