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Pig division

Unmatched complexity

Professional pig workshop

Feeding 160,000 sows and 5,000,000 fattening pigs in 14 countries worldwide

The basic philosophy of Agrofeed’s pig division and professional workshop is that we can build our success together with you, through a joint effort. The various pillars of our service package also work to this end, fitting together like puzzle pieces to form a single whole.

We Speak the Language of All Pigs!

Experience + Expertise + Innovation + Commitment = Agrofeed Pig Workshop

  • Continuous research and training of professionals at our own pig farms
  • Close cooperation with domestic and international companies engaged in studying and improving the genetics of pigs
  • Complex consultancy covering every single area
  • A knowledge base integrating domestic experience with the latest international trends
  • Individually tailored, flexible, quick and precise feeding solutions


Ábel Pálinger
Export manager