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Agrofeed’s Cattle feeding program

Our feeding programme is based on combining proven products made of high quality raw materials, and tailored individually to each farm, using specific recipes. Our products come with standard composition and nutrient content; this is guaranteed by our internal quality assurance system, as well as regular laboratory control tests.

Our consultants are highly trained, with a strong theoretical understanding and extensive practical experience, and are integral aspects of our feeding system.

Our tasks include contributing to the work of farm management, providing feeding and technological consultancy tailored to the farm in question, combined with regular, personal on-site visits. This joint effort – complemented by the work of our reproductive biologist colleague – guarantees improved farm efficiency and effectiveness, and allows for the quickest possible accomplishment of the objectives set.

Our TMR+ programme demonstrates the key elements of the effectiveness of joint work in detail.

Cattle feeding program

Dairy cow feeding program

Calf and young cattle feeding program

Part Three

Continuous on-farm service and consultancy

Your results, complemented with our expertise

Agrofeed’s Cattle feeding programme

During lactation and all phases of young cattle rearing and fattening

An offering of proven products already in use on various farms, as well as products tailored to individual farms.

Continuous on-farm service and consultancy

Recipes developed through cutting edge recipe development programs.

AMTS Cattle Professional US recipe development software, NDS Nutritional Dynamic Systems Italian recipe development software, both based on the CNCPS model

Feed ration fraction checks

with TMR separator and digestibility tests based on dung washing

Metabolic profile assessment once a year

Analysis of production data

Raising issues, offering possible solutions

Technological and population dynamics consultancy

Based on the latest practical results.